Nov 22 - 24, 2019

Princeton University


     The future of humanity will be shaped by major technical advancements over the next several decades. Breakthrough discoveries in artificial intelligence, human enhancement, nanorobotics, synthetic biology and other emerging technologies will bring unprecedented change. The full range of possible outcomes for our future is wider than it has ever been, carrying potential for improvements to the human experience as well as immense risks. 


     Founded by students of Princeton University, Envision brings together future and current innovators, engineers, scientists, business leaders, intellectuals and policy makers to explore the implications of new technological trends. Our conference promotes the prudence in the use and development of technology, and aims to pioneer a brighter future through the education of influential leaders.

     Envision is now going into its fourth year, and is continuously being grown by the initiative of passionate students. Events put on throughout the year include our famous annual conference, spring break trip to tech hubs such as Boston and San Francisco, on-campus talks, and get togethers to talk about futuristic technologies. We are always expanding the scope of our events - contact us with any ideas!

     Through our conference, Envision has developed a global community of passionate future-focused individuals. Join our newsletter to stayed updated below. Envision also has a chapter being set up at Stanford University.


     The theme of our 2019 conference is “The Future of Us.” The conference will push participants to consider how new technologies will change how we live, our social groupings, our social, political, and economic systems, our psychology, and more fundamentally, what it means to be human. This theme emanates from our deeply held belief that careful consideration of these questions is central to maximizing the benefits of innovation. 


     We are currently in the process of looking for sponsors. Want to sponsor us? Contact Amichai at The sponsorship tiers for the 2019-20 school year can be found here.