Every year since 2016, Envision has hosted an international conference to inspire students and industry leaders to pursue the prudent advancement of emerging technologies. We believe that to ensure that the future is bright, one needs to consider in depth the human implications of technological developments. Developments regarding the COVID pandemic make these efforts more important than ever. That’s why we’re planning our first-ever virtual conference for April 2021.

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Uncovering Our Blindspots

The Envision Conference is the only international student-run conference tackling challenging questions at the intersection between humanity and technology. Our next conference will take place virtually in Spring 2021. More details and application information will be available in December 2020. 


Founded by students

of Princeton University in 2016, Envision brings together current and future engineers, policy makers, scientists, philosophers, business leaders, and others who will lead the world in intellectual innovation. 

Together, we explore

technological trends and their implications for our futures. We promote prudence in the development and use of technology across sectors and disciplines. Ultimately, we aim to pioneer a brighter future.


We empower current and future global leaders to pursue the prudent advancement of social and scientific policy, systems, and technologies, for a brighter future.


In its rich five-year history, Envision has aimed to fulfill its mission through many means. We've hosted annual conferences, seasonal trips, and on-campus initiatives to reach many worldwide. In addition, we have also established a podcast series and a digital newsletter where we hope to promote, understand, and explore various technologies and disciplines. Here's a quick overview over our legacy:

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