Founded by students of Princeton University, Envision brings together future and current global leaders to explore the implications of new technological trends. Our events seek to promote prudence in the use and development of technology, and aims to pioneer a brighter future through the education of influential leaders.

  Our futures—the future of humanity—are full of technological opportunities. These range from breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and innovative education systems to advanced human enhancement and novel biomedical procedures.









    The list of emerging social and scientific technologies only keeps growing. But as we imagine our futures and realize the unprecedented potential of these new technologies, we must also address the immense risks and uncertainties they bring with it.


     We organize and host an annual 3 day conference, a spring break trip, and panel discussions with startup founders, academics, and industry leaders. In addition, we have established our own podcast and newsletter series. Our initiatives are always increasing in scope. If you would like to host an event that is within the mission of Envision with us, please contact us.

Envision Conference

Brings 150-200 engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policy makers together to explore the ethics of technology.

Only student-run conference focusing on the intersection between humanity and technology, and is highly regarded by students and professionals internationally.


Break Trip

Transformative experience to some of the world's foremost advanced technology hubs, which include labs and companies including MIT Media Lab and Google.


Past trips have been to Boston and San Francisco.


Released in Fall 2019 to members of the Envision community, and includes updates of members and articles to read.


Connects Envision community throughout the year and encourages conversations outside of the conference.


Features powerful voices to talk about fascinating ideas, disciplines, and possibilities of the future.


Joins voices from all spheres: science, technology, economics, sociology, politics, philosophy, and more.

Live Events 

Newly established by Envision in 2020 and will be held virtually!


Will include live panels, debates, forums, and group discussions featuring a variety of speakers from all disciplines.

Leadership Team


Mayu Takeuchi

Aditya Gollapudi


Iroha Shirai

Jordan Bowman-Davis

Hanna Xu

Colton Wang

Brendan Wang

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