Envision is a group of students interested in how advanced technologies will shape the future of humanity These technologies include but are not limited to:

     Our events revolve around these technologies and their implications. We focus on existential risk, human enhancements, new materials, and other social, political and economic changes. Our goal is to learn from leaders in technology through events such as the conference and spring break trip, meet similarly passionate individuals, create an Envision community, and learn how to make a positive difference ourselves. Our mission is to empower future leaders to pioneer a brighter future through the prudent advancement of technology.

     Envision started as the Princeton Futurist society in 2015, aspiring to bring future-focused students together on Princeton's campus. After realizing that there are not enough students interested or aware of how technology is actively impacting our society's future in both beneficial and, most importantly, potentially consequential ways, the group transitioned to become Envision. The first conference was held in 2016.


     We organize and host an annual 3 day conference, a spring break trip, a newsletter, and discussions/panels with startup founders, academics and industry leaders. Our events are always increasing in scope, and if you would like to host an event that is within the mission of Envision with us, please contact us.

The Envision Conference brings 150-200 engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and policy makers together to explore the ethics of technology. It is the only student-run conference focusing on the intersection between humanity and technology, and is know as one of the best student-run conferences.

Annual Spring Break Trip to Boston takes Princeton students to one of the world's foremost advanced technology hubs. We visit research labs and companies such as the MIT Media lab and Google.

The Envision Newsletter is going to be released in Fall 2019 to members of the Envision community, and will include updates of members and articles to read. The goal is to keep the Envision community - including speakers and participants of the conference - connected throughout the year and encourage them to meet up and continue Envision conversations outside of the conference.

Guest Speaker Series brings prominent individuals from the private sector or academic research to speak about the technologies they are working on. Know someone who would be perfect for this? Contact us! 


     Our 2019 annual spring break trip was to Boston. Boston is a hub for research in cutting edge technologies - aka the perfect place to explore up and coming technologies from companies and labs and discuss their potential implications. We took 15 students from the Princeton community on a transformative trip, meeting individuals like Tim Berner's Lee and members of the Future of Life Institute, visiting labs like the MIT Media Lab and Human Systems Lab (space research), and companies and startups such as Google and Inrupt.

     In the past, our trips have been to San Francisco and Boston. Our 2020 trip's location is to be decided. Applications will open at the beginning of second semester.

Our 2019 Team




Elizabeth Petrov

Amichai Feit

Addison Jung

Michelle Woo

Kyra Acquah

Ritvik Agnihotri
Brendan Wang
Hanna Xu
Nina Onyemeziem




Ben Gelman
Mayu Takeuchi
Aliza Haider
Aneesha Manocha
Samuel Li

Sophie Goldman
Jacqueline Xu
Jeremy Bernius
Sophia Martinez
Jordan Bowman-Davis
Anya Sharma


Speakers & Programming

Iroha Shirai
Rohan Jinturkar
Lindsey Moore
Thomas McBride

Aditya Gollapudi
Colton Wang

Digital Media & Design

Miguel Opena
Diana Zhang
Shriya Bhatt
Sowon Lee
Joshua Spergel
Anna Lyubarskaja