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     Since 2019, Envision Podcast was created in order to deliver fresh and engaging content for the greater community. Featuring discussions around fascinating disciplines and innovations, the podcast episodes aim to not only foster new but also challenge existing perspectives and ways of analyzing technology and its implications for the future. We encourage you to explore our various podcast episodes and hope they leave you both enlightened and inspired. 

Season 2

2020-2021: "Uncovering Our Blindspots"

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    It is more important than ever that we as a community deeply consider how our various policies and technologies are shaping our futures, which often seems unpredictable. Achieving this goal very much includes uncovering the various blindspots that exist within our own communities. We look forward to share the podcast episodes for this year with you, which will be released very soon!

Season 1

2019-2020: "The Future of Us"

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    All the way back in November 2019, Envision held a conference. The topic: "The Future of Us". We brought 100+ attendees and 26 guest speakers for a weekend gathering at Princeton University. The weekend was a time of community, learning, and imagining. We brought together voices from all spheres: science, technology, economics, sociology, politics, philosophy, and more.

     During The Future of Us conference, we picked nine of these powerful voices, namely nine of our guest speakers, to talk about fascinating ideas, disciplines, and possibilities of the future. Although these discussions happened long before COVID-19 swept in, these ideas, from the future of automation and the human condition to existential risk and the dangers of AI, are still relevant. As humans, we tend to innovate, and we tend to do it well. But, as we innovate, we expose all of humanity to increasing risks. If we're not careful in prudently managing those risks, then we are in for a dark future. But, after listening to these nine interviews, we think you'll feel a bit optimistic.

     We are delighted to bring you this special content from The Future of Us conference. These podcast episodes are accessible to everyone, especially those who did not attend the conference itself. We hope that by listening to our speakers directly, you will get a better sense of what we do and why we do it.

Anders Sandberg: Philosopher, Futurist, and Long-time Friend of EnvisionEnvision Team
00:00 / 33:40
Aubrey de Grey: Biomedical Gerontologist, Co-founder of the SENS Research FoundationEnvision Team
00:00 / 24:13
Phil Torres: Philosopher and Expert on Existential RiskEnvision Team
00:00 / 34:24
Robin Hanson: Professor at George Mason University, Economist, and Multi-disciplinary ThinkerEnvision Team
00:00 / 29:32
Francesca Ferrando: Professor at NYU, Philosopher, and Scholar of the PosthumanEnvision Team
00:00 / 30:43
Ben Zion: Transhumanist, Politician, and Candidate for President of the United StatesEnvision Team
00:00 / 27:11
Sures Kumar: Designer at Google and Digital ArtistEnvision Team
00:00 / 23:09
Kai Landre: Cyborg, Artist, Musician, and Enthusiast of the CosmosEnvision Team
00:00 / 21:17
Dan Elton: Transhumanist and Expert on AI for Medicine/Public HealthEnvision Team
00:00 / 29:47
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