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     Envision is not only a conference or a single student group; it is a global community of individuals interested in the future of technology. In Fall 2019, we started a new initiative to keep this group even more connected — the Envision Newsletter. Sent out monthly, it will highlight members of the community as they complete personal pursuits, connect individuals in the same locations, and become a repository of interesting tech news.

     You do not need to have attended a conference to be part of the newsletter, everyone is welcome to sign up and join! If you would like to be featured or have anything (videos, pictures, articles, blogs, projects, etc) to share please contact us — don't be shy!

     The Envision Newsletter is delivered by email to all who are subscribed to the newsletter. The following are the issues from the volumes that we are already released. Please check them out!

Volume 2

2020-2021: "Uncovering Our Blindspots"

Coming out soon!

Volume 1

2019-2020: "The Future of Us"

A gallery of our newsletters from 2019-2020 Envision.


Jan 2020


Feb 2020

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