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Recruitment 2019

Is now over. Want to get involved? Apply to our conference!

The next recruiting cycle will be in Fall 2020.

Want to join the Envision Team?

     We are currently done recruiting for the 2019-20 school year! Interested in technology, ethics, design, futurism, business, or philosophy? Want to meet extremely passionate people, both on and off campus? Learn about cutting edge research, companies, and startups? Look into the intersection of science and the humanities? Research what is in store for our future? Envision is the club to join! We are looking for passionate, curious, self-directed people from all different majors.

Application Process

     Come to our info sessions for more information and to meet us (optional). Then fill out our online application. We will then reach out to you for an interview to get to know you one on one and to see whether you are a good fit for us, and if we are a good fit for you. Through this interview we will place you on one of our subteams, and welcome to the Envision family!

Club Organization

     Envision is split into 5 subteams - Logistics, Speakers & Programming, Finances, Participant Outreach, and Digital Media & Design. Each team meets once a week at a time that works for the team members. You may be part of more than one subteam. Full club social events - dinners, study breaks, movie nights, etc - will be held regularly!

     The Fall semester is focused on planning our annual conference, this year it is "The Future of Us", and building the Envision community on and off campus. Spring semester is focused on our annual spring break trip, bringing speakers to campus, and whatever other initiatives we choose to pursue. The Digital Media & Design team will work throughout the year to develop our podcast, online magazine, and other content.

Logistics - The masterminds behind our events - makes sure the conference and other events go smoothly. Makes sure everyone has a place to stay, food, and swag. Join if you love planning, are organized, and want to gain a valuable skillset that will come in handy for everything else you do.

Speakers & Programming - Directly responsible for planning the conference proceedings, including getting speakers and organizing talks, workshops, networking, and more. If you love cold emailing inspiring people,  want to directly influence how participants and speakers will interact, and be on the front lines of talks and other conference activities this is the team for you.

Finance - Makes everything we do possible. Conducts outreach to companies to form corporate partners, manages partnerships, secures funding from Princeton sources, and helps the other teams when needed. Join if you are interested in marketing, bolstering your corporate communication skills, and if you want to form professional relationships at exciting companies and startups.

Participant Outreach - Envision is a family of passionate individuals around the world, including past participants and speakers. Responsible for bringing this unique community together in a way that encourages collaboration, creativity, and impactful projects. Join if you want to meet inspiring people around the world, work on bringing groups of people together, and want to spearhead your own community building initiatives.

Digital Media & Design - The startup team of the club. Responsible for creating new content and initiatives to advance the Envision mission, from articles on the future of different sectors to podcasts interviewing speakers and professors. Join if you have an entrepreneurial personality and want to start new initiatives, have an endless curiosity that you want to let loose, and want to reach out to cool people and companies.

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