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Welcome to the Future

We live in a rapidly changing world. Technology advances at an exhilarating yet frightening pace. Political and economic upheaval are increasingly frequent. It is difficult to predict how our actions today will affect the future. Alongside these apparent changes, there is a wonderful convergence of global revolutions in the technical realm. Artificial intelligence, enhanced interfaces, nanoscale materials, and synthetic biology, and many more, might come to mind. The Envision Conference focuses on these technologies and their potential to catalyze catastrophic and existential risk, material advancement, space development, economic and social change, and human enhancement.

Envision was founded on the premise that we can influence our collective future. Yet, we are surrounded by a world of small-scale, short-term thinking. Even as technology advances, much of the technology industry’s resources flood into ventures that lack far-reaching societal impact. Despite political and economic upheaval, quarterly profits drive companies, and lack of vision prevents political systems from meeting the challenges posed by emerging technologies.

At Envision, we bring people together for an annual conference about the role of technology in our lives. After three outstanding conferences (with a fourth conference coming soon), we want to create a new forum for these same ideas. To do so, we are launching an online article series about the technology of the future. In this setting, you will hear from a team of devoted student writers, who also identify as scientists, engineers, philosophers, mathematicians, and thinkers. We will not only share what is possible, but also help you understand what is actually being done. You can expect articles on a wide variety of industries and disciplines, such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, public transportation, space, education, technology policy, and more! Our goal is to share what is happening in these spaces, in order to inspire thought about the future and its impact, both positive and negative.

Our team of writers selects and shapes the topics that they are interested in. At the same time, this is also a community project. Want to contribute your own article? Send it to

Feel free to browse our new articles, learn more about our annual conferences, and reach out to our team. Enjoy!

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