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Envision Conference

April 9-10, 2021

Uncovering Our Blindspots

(Virtual via Zoom)

THE 2021 


         The theme of this year’s conference is “Uncovering Our Blindspots.” We will take a future-minded, interdisciplinary approach to investigate topics such as AI, AR/VR, communication, biomedical technology, education systems, and cybersecurity. We aim to inspire all participants, including speakers, to see and experience the world in a new light. We hope to foster meaningful conversation about the impact of unique discoveries and unconventional perspectives—especially as they relate to emerging policies and technologies—as well as their impact on people, our society, and our future.


The conference will advance its theme by:




Drawing insights from wide-ranging perspectives. The conference will include speakers from several disciplines, from technological researchers, to industry leaders, to philosophers.

Fostering collaboration among the world’s future leaders. Participants will have the opportunity to meet driven students from around the country and abroad and form small teams to propose a product, research plan or policy that implements or improves a new technology.

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The conference schedule and details about the talks and workshops will be available soon!


Descriptions about our speakers will be available soon!

Anders Sandberg
Ashok Goel
Casey Fiesler
Leila Pirhaji
Miguel Nicolelis
Phil Torres
Tatsuyoshi Saijo

Tiffany Vora

Toby Walsh

Vishaan Chakrabarti

Keira Havens

Jamil El-Imad

Reza Moini 

Douglas MacMartin

Jennifer Clark

Caterina Cinel

Anu Ramaswami 

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